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2180 A1A South, Ste 203, St. Augustine, FL 32084

I work with individuals or groups of people who are interested in their health and well-being but may be struggling with pain, balance, flexibility, coordination, poor posture, and bone loss.

I offer two gentle non-invasive healing modalities called Bones for Life® and Ortho-Bionomy that are designed to remind the body of its natural capacity to heal and self-correct.

They help to deprogram painful counterproductive patterns of posture and movement that may be sabotaging you and introduce new and better options for moving throughout the day that are pain-free.

Ortho-Bionomy® is an advanced form of therapeutic bodywork that addresses chronic pain and structural imbalances stimulating your body’s natural ability to self-correct and come back into balance.

Bones for Life is a movement intelligence program designed to improve the quality of your movements, improve your posture, and promote bone building strength.

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