Active After 50 provides ways to stay active and healthy in pre-retirement and retirement years.

Active After 50 online is a comprehensive resource directory for Active Baby Boomers and Seniors, their family members, and local professionals who serve them. The website provides valuable Information for Active Aging.

We are now building the Staying Active After 50 Section. Staying Active After 50 will feature local professionals throughout Northeast Florida who provide services and activities that take the well-being of consumers 50+ seriously.

Going to the gym, playing sports, running, walking, aerobics, playing pickleball and other activities help Boomers and Seniors feel healthy and young and help combat-related health issues. Most Baby Boomers and active Seniors agree that the best way to keep from growing old is to remain active.

For now, you can access the website which features lots of valuable information on staying active. Check back often as we prepare to launch the local version of Staying Active After 50.